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No Condom No Way

My boy Dj Willie Shakes runs this campaign called “No Condom No Way” and he packages and hands thousands of condoms out to people with help from anyone who is willing. Below we got Kid Cudi and Hollywood Holt giving a shout out to No Condom No way. Add NoCondom No Way on Facebook!

<<Text noway to 69866>>


I Wish …

I was a cool as these dudes … click on the images for the larger version

via this guy

Jetset Release Party

Back in Ripon after a crazy 21st birthday celebration … shout out to Del and Kurt for hookin it up saturday night!

This Friday, the 4th, is the date of DJ Trademark’s release party which is at The Stone Lotus in Chicago. If you mention his name at the door you get in with no cover. Everyone better be there!

also, please try and “be” 21

Iron DeeJays

My boy Bryce “Big B” McMurray suggested that I start doing a regular post where DJs compete to make the best beat using the same “ingredients”. Well, that day has come sooner than I thought. Bryce suggested a beat for his brother, Trademark, and what did he do? HE JACKED IT! tsk tsk Trademark … Bryce is back with a vengeance.

both beats are below and its up to you to decide who wins this round of IRON DEEJAYS!

Download: Bryce -Shawty Got Hung Up

Download: Trademark – Hung Up In The Hotel


I can’t stop reminding you suckas about getting the Lupe mixtape a couple posts below !

John Butler

is the best guitarist you’ve never heard of.

shout out to bob bradbury for the hookup with this one

Some News For Y’all …

A.I. retires, which is sad but nobody needs the ballhog/defenseless player on their team, but it’s still a sad day for the man who was too good for practice – ok, i’m just kidding. We’re seeing the retirement of one of the greats.
UPDATE: apparently he’s *not* retiring and willing to play off the bench? idk … we’ll see what happens

In good news Bob Marley and James Brown are added to the Grammy HoF.

UPDATE: I had no idea Dame Dash put this cd together !! thats crazy … the rise of dame again?

Karmaloop is starting a new auction site called Karmaswap and to start the bidding they will begin with signed “Glow in The Dark” books, signed Air Yeezy’s, and signed “Thank You” books … should be a dope site.

Did you know the name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with?

Brandon Jennings is in the running for MVP as a rook … we’ll see how long that lasts.

I need this:

It’s 20 lbs and it won’t release itself from you until the timer is up … yuhh

DON’T FORGET: download lupe’s new mixtape below

Lupe Fiasco – Enemy Of The State: A Love Story

It dropped tonight, thankfully, ha. Anyway, Lupe calls this a “cassette style” mixtape …. for all you dumb cats it’s all the songs mixed into one long track … don’t worry, it’s all killer – no filler. especially the fireman remix !

Download: Enemy Of The State: A Love Story

UPDATE: the track has been split into 11 track which you can download here

Tracklist under the cut …

Oh, and he’s got another mixtape coming out Christmas called Friend Of The People … if it’s anything like this one it’s gonna blow minds.

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