Iron DeeJays

My boy Bryce “Big B” McMurray suggested that I start doing a regular post where DJs compete to make the best beat using the same “ingredients”. Well, that day has come sooner than I thought. Bryce suggested a beat for his brother, Trademark, and what did he do? HE JACKED IT! tsk tsk Trademark … Bryce is back with a vengeance.

both beats are below and its up to you to decide who wins this round of IRON DEEJAYS!

Download: Bryce -Shawty Got Hung Up

Download: Trademark – Hung Up In The Hotel


I can’t stop reminding you suckas about getting the Lupe mixtape a couple posts below !


2 responses to “Iron DeeJays

  1. jeremycuster

    Umm they both suck tyler need to stop sampling fucking holla back girl and jiggilin and bryce just is to abrupt in his transitions if I had to rate the two though it would go to…….DJ Clydesdale

  2. It’s like the only good samples tm gets is from me haha I joke. But seriously, I need producer cred or you wouldnt have half of Jetset haha I kid, I kid. Yeah, good point on bryce’s mash up, custer – just keep working B … it took Tyler a year to get where hes at.

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