Some News For Y’all …

A.I. retires, which is sad but nobody needs the ballhog/defenseless player on their team, but it’s still a sad day for the man who was too good for practice – ok, i’m just kidding. We’re seeing the retirement of one of the greats.
UPDATE: apparently he’s *not* retiring and willing to play off the bench? idk … we’ll see what happens

In good news Bob Marley and James Brown are added to the Grammy HoF.

UPDATE: I had no idea Dame Dash put this cd together !! thats crazy … the rise of dame again?

Karmaloop is starting a new auction site called Karmaswap and to start the bidding they will begin with signed “Glow in The Dark” books, signed Air Yeezy’s, and signed “Thank You” books … should be a dope site.

Did you know the name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with?

Brandon Jennings is in the running for MVP as a rook … we’ll see how long that lasts.

I need this:

It’s 20 lbs and it won’t release itself from you until the timer is up … yuhh

DON’T FORGET: download lupe’s new mixtape below


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