Monthly Archives: December 2009

Merry Christmas

I took a break from the internets for a minute but I’m gonna be back with a vengeance after new years. Actually, fuck that. Here’s some music for your new years party. See you on the first, bitches.

Download: Top Of The Line – Juvenile [Sickest beat you’ll hear this year. Produced by Bangladesh]

Download: Lemonade – Gucci Mane [I don’t usually like this guys music but this is a strait party tune]

Download: I’m So Appalled Freestyle – Gilbere Forte’ [This guy is gonna blow up … remember where you heard this first]

Download: Video Phone – Beyonce ft Lady GaGa [In case you live under a rock and are missing out on this]

Thank God for Neezy f. Baby for hookin’ me up with a lot of these songs!


Jersey Shore Anyone?

I watch this show just to laugh at how these guidos solidify the stereotypes that we have all come to make fun of them for, but hitting women? I don’t get down like that but you can’t deny that this isn’t hilarious ….

Make sure to watch next weeks episode [thursday] for the whole scene!

More Blakroc??

I know all of you went out and copped Blakroc, so here’s a special treat for you guys on this fine evening.

I hope everyone is celebrating the last day of classes ‘cuz you know I am.

DJ Skittles

Have any of you heard of this up-and-coming DJ who goes by DJ Skittles? Well, she’s [yes, a girl] crazy awesome and you will be able to find her mixtape exclusively on Thank God I’m Filthy.

Be prepared for some direct shots at DJ Trademark … this should be good.

OH and here’s some music to set your weekend off right …

Download: Runaway Girl – Drake ft Colin Monroe

Charles Hamilton is Back

I used to hate this fool because of his dumbass antics but no one can deny he kills it on the mic. His cd was shelved and he was dropped from interscope; some people thought that would be the end of him but here’s Charles to prove ’em wrong.

Download: Charles Hamilton is Back – Charles Hamilton

Download: Charles Hamilton – Loserville

Hit the jump to see him get punched haha Continue reading

I’m Back

The semester is winding down which is the reason for my absence, sorry guys. Anyway, 11 days til I’m back in Minocqua; here’s a pretty dope Diplo remix to a pretty decent Diddy song.

Download: Dirty Money – Angels [Diplo Remix]


Trademark says it’s time to release the mixtape so hear ya go …

Download: Jetset by DJ Trademark

also, fuck ripon college