Monowalker | Hiking Trailer

This Monowalker Bicycle Trailer follows you, wherever you want to go to. The Monowalker for hikers who want to hike without weight on their shoulders, its smart geometry, you only carry half of the weight of your equipment on your hips, because all the remaining weight is on the back wheel. If you want to stop, in order to take a deep breath, you can relax and just lean back because the disk brakes will hold you and the baggage.
You are not restricted in moving while pulling it, because the MONOWALKER has a special hipbelt. Therefore, one-sided impact on shoulders, neck or back diminishes. Additionally, by going uphill and downhill, your knees become released, because you are carrying only half the weight of your equipment. On downhill routes, the brakes help you, because you can choose to pull the disk brake, so that it makes the trailer move slow constantly.


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