Makin’ Moves

People talk a lot of shit, especially when you have talent. I’m thankful that two of my best buds from Ripon have been able to discard all the negativity and stay true to their dreams. A lot of hard work went into Abdel and Trademark’s perfection of their craft, but the hours that seem “lost” to others have only established deep roots which are going to allow them growth in their respective careers.

Check out DJ Trademark at the Mirimar Theater TONIGHT @ 11 PM where he’ll be performing with The Cranberry Show…Guaranteed dopeness

I doubt you know who Abdel Morched is, but that is soon to change. Del’s making some serious moves, taking his art to the next level under the supervision of LRG. He’s got his own LRG studio which allows for boundless artistic growth.

Check out the studio (and art) here! I’ll be making a trip down there soon, returning with a more in-depth analysis of the office, (hopefully) photos of new art work, and the usual tales of tomfoolery.

Stay Filthy.


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