Damn, Kanye!

As I’m sure you already know, Kanye is one of my idols. He’s been my favorite rapper since he was introduced to me as “Kenny West: the dude who raps with a broken jaw.” One of the reasons Trademark and I get along so well was because we recognize his genius (although I wouldn’t suck his dick HA!) No matter your mood you can find a Kanye song to jive to:
Feelin’ funky? Addiction.
Head in the clouds? Champion.
Cruisin’ along the shore? Gone.
Wanna get hyped? Homecoming.
Time to chill? Drive Slow.
Fighting with your girl? Bittersweet.
Still resent your ex? Heartless.
Feeling sentimental? Hey Mama.

Hell, Kanye even gets political; he’s able to cover all topics which gives him his huge fan base. It’s true that Kanye is not the Pink Polo Roc Raider he was when he entered the rap game, but every artist changes and it’s a testament to Kanye’s will and perseverance that’s he’s been able to change the sound of each album he releases. *cough* lookin’ at you Rick Ross.

He’s been innovating since he was with the Roc and I am uncontainable stoked for his return to rap, Dark Twisted Fantasy, which features production from Q-Tip(!), RZA(!), Premo(!), Pete Rock(!), and Soulja Boy(?). Instrumentals are vital to understanding Kanye’s genius, so you better have a good system if you want to “get” him.

Get excited, but don’t look to me for any bootlegs – I’m purchasing this one (hopefully) in November and you should follow suit.


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