What Are The Chances… By A Thomas Hawkins

What are the chances we should meet,
and find our hearts share a single beat?
That to look in your eyes would reveal a soul,
that has what mine lacks and makes me whole?

What are the chances, can you tell me this,
that our love may one day be sealed with a kiss?
That despite starting off so far far away,
our lives grow entwined each and every day?

What are the chances together we might,
emerge from the darkness and into the light?
That one day I’ll awake with you by my side,
and our love for each other need no longer hide?


One response to “What Are The Chances… By A Thomas Hawkins

  1. The Mystery of Love : Joanne Everett

    Why should one and one alone
    in all the world mean so much,
    and cause the heart to miss a beat
    by glance, or word or touch?

    Why one and not another
    has the power to make us dream,
    and cast on us a magic spell
    of happiness supreme?

    That is something no-one knows,
    though clever they may be,
    for no mere man has yet unravelled
    Love’s Sweet Mystery.

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