Mine, as you are.

I want those late nights
that create great white lines
which trace life through the follicles of our very hair.

I want those evil eyes
that etch eerie skies
of mistaken lines for fake, which turn to truth in one. fell. ‘poof.’

I want that loving touch
of more-than-lust
at 6 am, which sways him into those bubbly brown eyes; burning for your hug.

I want that moment in time
when all eyes are on us –

but it doesn’t matter because
we’ve slipped in each others lips
after that whispered moment
constructs our lives through
a bond already contained through the pits of our pupils.

I want you.


Right here…

Right now….


One response to “Mine, as you are.

  1. When you’re still waiting for the snow to fall
    It doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all

    A cup of candles, oh they flicker
    Oh, they flicker and they float
    And I’m up here holding onto all those chandeliers of
    Like some drunkard Elvis singing
    I go singing out of tune

    Those Christmas lights
    Light up the street
    Down where the sea and city meet
    May all your troubles soon be gone
    Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on

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