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DJ Trademark is making Melodic Miracles

So many people continue to give my man, Trademark, a lot of flack as he makes his come up. What started as a twilight-induced mash up experiment has turned into a [nearly] full-time job. I got my first taste in DJ TM’s creative compound, which he calls his mind, nearly 4 years ago when he told me he was entering a Cobra Starship Remix contest. Since that garage band trial, he has progressed the realm of the DJ, completely astounding well-established artists when they ask “where’s your DJ equipment?” and he simply points to his macbook pro.

Trademark currently DJ’s for the hardest hip-hop group in Milwaukee, The Cranberry Show (the duo Lupe Fiasco has claimed as ‘next up’), while juggling school and a few fame-clingers on the side. As creative as he is, he is still dedicated to finishing school, which is truly a testament to how devoted he is to completing a task; it is not surprising to understand that the same dedication drives his music.

To be completely honest, I never thought Trademark would be where he is today (no disrespect to Trademark, but getting your name out there is tougher than he has made it seem); his latest CD, Disrespect Women, Acquire Currency, is going to be given a “visual breakdown” by Wired Magazine. Yes, that Wired Magazine you were looking at in the check-out isle. This man is truly dedicated to his cause – not becoming famous or rich – but getting music out to the masses. When it comes to making music, I have never seen someone so purely in love with attaining those audio orgasms.

You can pick up Disrespect Women, Acquire Currency here, most likely for free. His bandcamp page has been exploding with downloads, so he has to pay bandcamp in order to continue the free public consumption of his music. Don’t be afraid to donate, all proceeds go directly back to the people – trust me – the album is worth more than a few dollars.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled in the coming weeks, Trademark is bound to have a few surprises up his sleeve.

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