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Fat & Furious Burgers

Creative-Burger-Designs-Vampire Creative-Burger-Designs-Aloha Creative-Burger-Designs-Hobbit Creative-Burger-Designs-Chicken Creative-Burger-Designs-Ice

Thank You to Fat & Furious


Santiago Calatrava

My short stay in Milwaukee has created a love with the city for many reasons, but the place I make a conscious effort to visit on a regular basis is the Milwaukee Art Museum. We’re blessed to have a steady stream of premier exhibits, and I’m lucky enough to personally know a man whose work is in the museum; but the most fascinating facet of the building is the Calatrava addition. With works spanning the globe, Milwaukee is be honored by Santiago Calatrava’s unique contribution to the unrivaled small-town-city. Check out what makes the addition unique below.

The Influence of Photography

To many people photography is simply a means of capturing a moment, but for many others choose it as their artistic medium. Those with the ability to command the natural world in their pictures also hold an influence over our emotions. These are a couple of my favorites which have me looking forward to the new year, and the changes we will all endure.

Photo by Will Govus

Photo by Will Govus

Photo by Hideaki Hamada

Photo by Hideaki Hamada

Photo by Ulrika Kestere

Photo by Ulrika Kestere

New Year, New You





Wise Man by Frank Ocean (Django Unchained Soundtrack)

It’s here. Merry Christmas.

Diamonds by Rihanna (ΜIC ΤΗΞ DΓUΜϟ remix)

The artist formerly known as The Kid In The Hall significantly improves this track.


Wayward Notions

Life is one long learning experience, and the most recent change in my life has forced a reevaluation of my goals. Traveling had previously been my number one priority, but life has since been throwing curve balls, even after being released from the cage of domesticity, which are making those dreams difficult to cultivate. What I currently have now is what is immediately in front of me: a city to survey, friendships to foster, and this place to propagate my creativity.

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