Macklemore and His Powerful Message

I first came across Macklemore by word of mouth during my last few semester during college. I never took him seriously, always putting him in the same vein as the fratastic rapper Mac Miller, but that was clearly a mistake.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t until recently that I decided to dive head first into his music. I mean, with his raving cult fanbase, there must be something substantial there. After one listen it was clear I had made a huge mistake. Macklemore is a lyrical genius, weaving words into a crisp string of melodic enunciation, with a pained, powerful voice reminiscent of Brother Ali. Macklemore’s messages are powerful, and it derives from his background.


A 30 year old rapper, entering a scene based on youth, must have something to offer the others fail to command. His life is rap. He has lived in the situations he speaks of, sometimes consciously putting himself in adverse situations for the benefit of his art, and I’m glad he made those decisions. I hope he continues this path; it was only a couple of days ago that K’naan spoke on censoring himself for success. Considering the amount of effort Macklemore has put into creating the persona he owns today, I doubt we’ll see him selling out. Or at least that’s what we can hope for. Go grab “The Heist” if you haven’t already, and prepare yourself for some inspiring material.


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