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Rex Ryan X Kenny Powers



Laker Nation’s Woeful Situation

Clearly there is trouble in paradise, and the ship is far from being righted. The media continually calls for Pau’s head, and you can’t blame them because he simply doesn’t fit their system.

Guess who does? Amare. Stoudemire. Both power forwards have contracts hovering around 19 mil/year, and both are suited for the other team’s system. Pau could play really well with Melo, and Amare already has chemistry with both Nash and D’antoni. Plus, wouldn’t you love to see this every night:

Challenge Your Ideas


On visiting the Gold Pavilion Temple in Kyoto, Douglas Adams was impressed at how well the 14th-century structure had weathered the passage of time. His Japanese guide told him that it hadn’t weathered well at all; in fact it had burned to the ground twice in the 20th century.

“So this isn’t the original building?” Adams asked.

“But yes, of course it is.”

“But it’s been burned down?”



“Many times.”

“And rebuilt.”

“Of course. It is an important and historic building.”

“With completely new materials.”

“But of course. It was burned down.”

“So how can it be the same building?”

“It is always the same building.”

“I had to admit to myself that this was in fact a perfectly rational point of view, it merely started from an unexpected premise,” Adams wrote. The essence of a building is its design, the intention of the builder. The materials may decay and be replaced, but these are only instantiations of a persistent idea. “I couldn’t feel entirely comfortable with this view, because it fought against my basic Western assumptions,” Adams wrote, “but I did see the point.”

My Favorite Angel

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One Line Drawing by Quibe

One Line by QuibequibeTotoroquibeFightclub

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This Changes Things


One of the few places I’ve been able to keep technology at an arms length has been with my cellphone, but this cover changes things. I never needed a smart phone, and I actually found comfort at being disconnected from this imaginary world where my reading, writing, and robbing takes place.

But damn, that phone cover makes me long for the days when Facebook notifications would wake me in the middle of the night, when the only knowledge I needed was how to Google something at the most efficient rate, or when I never had to speak to a my neighbor in the grocery isle.

Maybe I’ll just wait til my phone begins to decay.