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I Want You Back by Lake Street Drive (Cover)


Alone by Milwaukee

The artist’s name caught my attention, but I stayed for the song. Completely unrelated to the American city, this French artist is beginning to grab the attention of a few people. Too few for my liking, so please spread the love for this guy! You can find his EP on iTunes now.


The Motto by Drake (Niykee Heaton Cover)

I can’t get enough of this girl. On an unrelated note, I’m pretty sure Miller High Life combats sickness … or at least that’s my motto for this evening.


Protolife (Carlos Serrano Mix) by Kanye West & Kavinsky


Feel Good Inc (Cover) by Celia Pavey

New Year, New You





Wise Man by Frank Ocean (Django Unchained Soundtrack)

It’s here. Merry Christmas.