Alone by Milwaukee

The artist’s name caught my attention, but I stayed for the song. Completely unrelated to the American city, this French artist is beginning to grab the attention of a few people. Too few for my liking, so please spread the love for this guy! You can find his EP on iTunes now.



Last Picnic by Charles Simic

Before the fall rains come,
Let’s have one more picnic,
Now that the leaves are turning color
And the grass is still green in places.

Bread, cheese and some black grapes
Ought to be enough,
And a bottle of red wine to toast the crows
Puzzled to find us sitting here.

If it gets cold—and it will—I’ll hold you close.
Night will come early.
We’ll watch the sky, hoping for a full moon
To light our way home.

And if there isn’t one, we’ll put all our trust
In your book of matches
And my sense of direction
As we grope our way in the dark.

I really miss those lazy days in the prairie.

I really miss those lazy days in the prairie.

Photography by Taylor Allen


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Thanks to Taylor Allen’s Place of Employment

Bringing Light to Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

The town of Viganella in the Italian Alps receives no direct sun for 83 days each year. So in 2006 mayor Pierfranco Midali commissioned a 26-by-16-foot mirror to be placed on a nearby mountainside at 3,600 feet. Tracking the sun with computer-controlled motors, the mirror throws light into the town square for six hours each day.

The illuminated area measures 300 square yards. “I can already see my little old ladies coming out of the church after mass and just standing there, enjoying a bit of sun,” Midali said.



This is my insignificant 400th post. This blog has changed a lot since it’s inception and that’s because I’ve changed quite a bit during that same time period. I’ve had many creative droughts, many ups, and many more downs. I think I’m back for awhile this time, and I hope you’re out there listening to the broadcast.


“The Event of a Thread” instillation by Ann Hamilton

Thanks to Ann Hamilton for creating the piece, as well as Paul Octavious for bringing us the video.


Enjoying the Moment